End of an era…

I always new this moment was coming, I have wished for a version of this many times over the last 3 to 4 years. On many occasions returning from another international freelance project I would make promises to the family saying that maybe the agency I have just worked for or a new contact I had made would offer me the ticket out of the UK and give me the opportunity to take on a new career in a new climate. Much of my work has been abroad over the last 5 years and Asia has been calling for sometime. Well, that moment has come, and certainly not one that I had foreseen, but oh my, is it a great opportunity, with an agency I could not of imagined I could ever serve at this level. I have know this company for all of my professional life and they have been at the top of their game from day one and never faltered to impress the industry. So with some excitement, in trepidation for the future and some sadness for what I am leaving behind I can announce loud and clear that I have taken on a new role as Director, Experience at Imagination Shanghai. Yep, you got it! Imagination! and in Shanghai. Contract starts July 16th 2018 with a full time move to Shanghai on the 24th July. No doubt I will be returning to the UK as many times as possible but lets be honest I will soon be a full tax payer and resident of China.

This also leaves me with a heavy heart to say goodbye to so much here in the UK, and it goes without saying that it is the people, friends, family that tug at the heart strings. Far too many to list but the must few have to be my Southsea friends, Gareth Clowes and the few loyal event industry friends, Vaani of course (but looking forward to a long year living with her in China soon), my beautiful daughters, Radhika and Ananthi, and so on. Its not all goodbye of course because I am hoping that my contact will continue and no doubt see some of you in Shanghai or when I return to the UK.

Kabuki does and will continue to trade, you never know when I need to revive business back here in the UK.

The photograph above is a final crew photo taken at my last client event in the UK before starting my new contract. Most of the team in this photo have supported me in delivering 10yrs of event for this specific client, year after year. Thank you Gareth, Pat, James, Alex, Lee, Sarah, Dave and many more.

I have a week of admin, invoices and clearing up to do, but beyond this I cannot wait to get stuck into my new role. Humbled and happy with the life and prospects I have been given.