To Credit or Not Credit

Over the last few months and years a specific thought pattern and question has been emerging, why is it that the live events, corp comms, industry seems to be the only industry not publishing or publicly recognising the creative, technical and production talent that supports, designs, develops, delivers projects across the world. Just about all other creative industries recognise the talent and skills of those working on a project, film, television, theatre, concerts, opera, even publishing list the editorial and marketing team on the inside pages of a magazine.

So why not the creative agencies, event management companies and production companies in the sector I work in. Is it to do with the fact that the sector I work in does not have a clearly defined skills certification process, therefore making it difficult to acknowledge specific skills, after all I would of thought 90% of everyone in the business I know come with experience at the heart of their offering, not a degree or certificate to match the knowledge and skills they have. Is it because a large proportion of the industry, can I suggest over 80%, of the industry is made up of freelancers, contractors, and people supporting the companies who own the client relationships, therefore leaving a gap in the mind of the end client about who truly works on the project and how many of them actually are on the payroll.