Q4 2017 already…what a year

Lets start with the important bits…The roller-coaster that started the year continued to gain pace, with diversions, twists and turns throughout the year, but almost always on a long hill climb. This has been proven in my financial reports and even congratulated on by my accountants. Lets be honest the previous three to four years were pretty bad, so any progress is good news. But this is no slow progress, 2016 accounts closed in the black with all debts paid and 2017 is up on last years figures with even less capital costs and overheads. The desire to develop an empire or create a new company with staff, overheads and direct clients has definitely been squashed until a time comes when I can attract a business partner or group of like minded people, all prepared to run together.

Thanks also to the changes made in the financial administration. Losing David and Jane to be replaced with Trudy Byles @ Adminease and Pete Roberts @ Roberts & Co to manage the full spectrum of my accounts has made a huge difference to my own discipline and ability to oversee the business accounts.

But its not all about money. The work itself has been great with commendations coming from clients and agencies alike, and unfortunately also witnessing the shoddy, ugly side our industry where agencies just haven’t got there sxxt together, expecting producers to pick up the pieces and save the client, the project and the margin.

A few highlights on the work front include; continued work with MKTG Chicago team and the BBD projects in Moscow, Dubai and Europe, a fast and furious stint for Qunitessentially Dubai in Kuwait, a short stint for my old friend Tim Stafford at Imagination on the Ford account and earlier in the year a pharma launch project for Touch Associates. Our 10 years of service provided to our defence client continued with the annual awards dinner and annual all-staff (6500 delegates) internal comms conference, but topped this this year with a brief to deliver a 10,000 guest family and friends one-day outdoor event inside the fence – CDM Guidelines have never been so open to interpretation with challenges at every level of our work.

The taste of delivering work in the Middle East and Asia continues to wet my appetite for a future international role. Maybe 2018 will bring me that opportunity or maybe I just have to take a risk and set up with a legitimate trading office.

A tip to watch our for is a new online freelance/ agency business portal project that Steve Squires has created and launched – www.getconnektd.com. Watch this space as I believe that with critical mass this could be a major industry disrupter and future global success story.

On a personal level seeing both of my daughters go onto University left Vaani and I with a new chapter to begin and of course I must mention the 3 week holiday to the US with my nearest and dearest family. What a treat and privilege to be able to do this.

If this year is anything to go by then 2018 is going to be even greater with the potential for long term opportunities abroad.