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How a company, organisation or business leader communicates has never been so important. The style, content, design and direction matters to every message, brand and audience. Live events, conference, video and digital content are all an integral part of engaging your audience. Whatever the brief or audience size – internal or external communications, indoor or outdoor events, local or global – Kabuki is hear to help you communicate with confidence.

About us

We’ve been providing live events and corporate communications solutions to public and private companies, creative agencies, and arts and cultural organisations around the world since 2007.

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Kabuki Productions, Portsmouth Guildhall, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth PO1 2AB.
T: 0239 298 9589
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Skills and services

Stage and Production Management
Audio Visual and Broadcast Production
Live Performance and Choreography
Presentation Content and Digital Media
Facilitation, Coaching and Leadership Development

We are specialists in live events, creative and technical production, digital media and leadership coaching. Our small group of associates bring great breadth of experience and depth of talent. However complex or simple your needs, we’ll shape the solution. Our experience and dedication gives us a natural instinct for getting every detail right.

Recent Work

2018 highlight….Virgin Hyperloop One & DP World for Quintessentially UAE

Posted: 09 May, 2018
One of my highlight projects of the year has to be working on the launch of DP World Cargospeed. This is the partnership launch between DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One. My own involvement in this wa...
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Q4 2017 already…what a year

Posted: 20 Dec, 2017
Lets start with the important bits…The roller-coaster that started the year continued to gain pace, with diversions, twists and turns throughout the year, but almost always on a long hill climb....
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Quarter 1: What a corker and roller coaster

Posted: 24 Apr, 2017
I am happy to report that 2017 has kicked off with s running first quarter. Equally admit that I have had a few weeks where the workload stretched me to the limit but all done with great results. A fi...
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Latest Posts

End of an era…

Posted: 08 Jul, 2018
I always new this moment was coming, I have wished for a version of this many times over the last 3 to 4 years. On many occasions returning from another international freelance project I would make pr...
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The Mighty Axe: axe throwing party

Posted: 12 Dec, 2017
I have had only one or two Christmas party invites but this one from MKTG comes with a serious health and safety warning. Axe throwing, yes you hear me, a great little find of a place in Vauxhall, run...
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Truly beautiful…Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Posted: 29 Nov, 2017
Had the pleasure of spending an extra few days in UAE this year with Vaani and Limara so we spent the day traveling to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Amazing! Its the scale, use of marble,...
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